defensive assignment in a sentence

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  1. Yet, Jacobsen remains highly motivated, especially when it comes to defensive assignments.
  2. Tennessee shooting guard Latina Davis took the defensive assignment of bludgeoning Roundtree.
  3. He asked the usual stuff, numbers of Tech's players, the defensive assignments.
  4. There is no tougher defensive assignment in the league than guarding Iverson.
  5. We missed some defensive assignments, and we left some guys open,
  6. It's difficult to find defensive assignment in a sentence.
  7. Handling defensive assignments and the intricate triangle offense might be his easiest task.
  8. Jones must think of this when he makes his defensive assignments.
  9. Missed free throws, missed rebounds, missed defensive assignments _ they all add up.
  10. Jason Terry didn't draw the initial defensive assignment on Eddie House.
  11. Though Yao continues to struggle with defensive assignments, his shooting touch is drawing raves.
  12. We missed two major defensive assignments going down the stretch.
  13. Besides the futile chases, the Sonics in Game 3 brainlocked on some defensive assignments.
  14. He switched defensive assignments and guarded Toni Kukoc after halftime.
  15. Stanford's Charmin Smith draws an important defensive assignment Monday night.
  16. Person again draws the opening defensive assignment on Clyde Drexler.
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