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  1. Cornerback Deion Sanders, who was quiet Sunday, is another huge defensive asset.
  2. He was an excellent defensive asset for the Hoyas, and also averaged 9.6 points per game.
  3. He also has become a defensive asset.
  4. Barak, unlike his predecessor, clearly views the value of the Golan's buffer zone as a diminishing defensive asset.
  5. Gold is a defensive asset class that you use to protect yourself from radical shifts in the market ."
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  7. In late 1941 with Japan entering the war, the proximity of RAAF Evans Head to Brisbane made the base an important defensive asset in the event of an attack.
  8. The information was then displayed on terminals in the building, allowing operators to pick defensive assets ( fighters and missiles ) to be directed onto the target simply by selecting them on the terminal.
  9. :: : : Well, my wording was not meant to imply that defensive assets do not contribute to war-making capability, only that that the primary purpose of the bombing campaign was to force a surrender.
  10. While the Iraqi armada of Soviet-made obsolete T-55 tanks and more modern T-72s likely would be wiped out if they try to confront the U . S . forces in the desert as happened during the previous war, Saddam may concentrate some of his armor in Baghdad where they would be a strong defensive asset along with artillery cannons, bazookas and other primitive weapons.

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