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  1. The defensive armament had been reduced to a trio of " Ferngesteuert-Lafette"
  2. The defensive armament for the three crewmen consisted of three ShKAS machine guns.
  3. Defensive armament consisted of one turret-mounted ShKAS machine gun firing rearwards.
  4. Surveillance aircraft usually carry no armament, or only limited defensive armament.
  5. Its defensive armament was upgraded to five 12.7-millimeter ( 0.5-inch ) machine guns.
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  7. The H-5 series followed in February 1941, with heavier defensive armament.
  8. Long range naval patrol versions often carried a light defensive armament.
  9. Defensive armament was a forward-firing 20 mm cannon and two rear-firing machine guns.
  10. However, the standard B-29 bombing equipment and defensive armament were retained.
  11. The later B-24L and B-24M were lighter-weight versions and differed mainly in defensive armament.
  12. The only drawback was its relatively weak defensive armament, consisting of 3 machine guns.
  13. No defensive armament was fitted, since none was ready.
  14. One of the SM . 79s was damaged but its defensive armament prevented close-up attacks.
  15. Some H-6 variants carried tail-mounted MG 17 defensive armament.
  16. The T . II's defensive armament was a single machine gun in the rear cockpit.
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