defensive architecture in a sentence

  1. The towers are nearly unmodified examples of 11th century defensive architecture.
  2. The defensive architecture of the castle also contains various weaknesses.
  3. Its defensive architecture gives it a distinctive appearance.
  4. This high level of defensive architecture contrasts with the main range of buildings across the south of the castle.
  5. This seems to be typical of the Samad LIA defensive architecture, as opposed to that of the preceding period.
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  7. The resulting castle was what historian Anthony Emery has described as one of the " last formidable displays of medieval defensive architecture ".
  8. The crucial development that spurred the emergence of a new type of defensive architecture was, thus, not cannon, but the advent of firearms.
  9. The interest of Albalat dels 纍ecs remains in its fortified church, a unique example of the defensive architecture of the Spanish Mediterranean coast of the sixteenth century.
  10. The tower, which in the Wesel War was incorporated into the town wall as a defensive structure, is an illustrative example of ecclesiastical defensive architecture in the Rhineland.
  11. This comes from Japan's long history of not fearing invasion, and stands in stark contrast to philosophies of defensive architecture in Europe, China, and many other parts of the world.
  12. The design of Conisbrough's keep is unique in England, and the historians Oliver Creighton and Stephen Johnson consider it an " architectural gem " and " one of the finest examples of late Norman defensive architecture ".

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