defensive alliance in a sentence

  1. NATO is not even the defensive alliance it used to be.
  2. It is O . K . It is a defensive alliance.
  3. The wedding was accompanied by a purely defensive alliance with England.
  4. People tend to forget that NATO is still a military defensive alliance.
  5. In NATO individual countries are part of a defensive alliance.
  6. It's difficult to find defensive alliance in a sentence.
  7. 1511-England and Spain form defensive alliance against French.
  8. Lengthy pairings have also been described in terms of a defensive alliance.
  9. The Franco-Prussian treaty included a defensive alliance between the parties.
  10. That NATO is not an offensive alliance, it is a defensive alliance.
  11. NATO is the most successful defensive alliance in history,
  12. In July Denmark and Poland-Lithuania concluded an offensive and defensive alliance.
  13. Another defensive alliance formed in September 1672 between Denmark, Hesse-Cassel.
  14. Tekle Haymanot Tessemma negotiated a defensive alliance with Menelik.
  15. The treaty also laid terms for mutual aid and end of defensive alliance.
  16. This promised that Britain would  offer a defensive alliance against further Russian encroachments.
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