defensive aggression in a sentence

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  1. They see their actions as ones of ` defensive aggression, "'he said.
  2. Both techniques were concluded to be potentially provocative and therefore capable of triggering defensive aggression.
  3. But he also implied that his lack of defensive aggression is directly tied to his diminished role on offense.
  4. Add that to Bush's remarkable pre-emptive strike speech, in which he set forth the new doctrine of defensive aggression.
  5. One difficult application of defensive aggression is the act of revolutionary violence ( including anarcho-capitalist revolution ) against tyrannical regimes.
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  7. Ray was a 6-11 third-round draft pick of the Chicago Bulls in 1971, when his intimidating defensive aggression earned him rookie of the year.
  8. A few bear experts called the evidence circumstantial and argued that the attack might have resulted from natural defensive aggression or that the bears might have done no more than scavenge the corpse.
  9. A 1999 empirical analysis in the journal " Emerging Infectious Diseases " published by the CDC described six motivational factors associated with bioterrorism, including : charismatic leadership, no outside constituency, apocalyptic ideology, loner or splinter group, sense of paranoia and grandiosity, and defensive aggression.

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