defensive adaptation in a sentence

  1. The large red eyes not only allow identification, but also serve as a defensive adaptation through deimatic behaviour.
  2. Although they are not true sharks, they had spines on all of their fins, an important defensive adaptation.
  3. The shape of the tail closely resembles that of the head which may be a defensive adaptation, meant to confuse an attacker.
  4. This diversification of insects represented a major selective force in plant evolution, and led to selection of plants that had defensive adaptations.
  5. Primary defensive adaptations against foliage-gleaners include the use of stridulatory signals characterized by a single tone at high frequency and of short duration.
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  7. Secondary defensive adaptations include acoustical alarm displays, In addition to these adaptations, their massive size and the strength of their heavily armored, thorny legs offers them significant protection.
  8. They also had large nostrils ( nares ), and retained a thumb ( pollex ) with a big claw, which may have been used for defense & mdash; though their primary defensive adaptation was their extreme size.
  9. The first ray of the channel catfish pectoral fin is a bilaterally symmetrical spinous structure that is minimally important for movement; however, it can be locked as a defensive adaptation or used as a means for sound production.
  10. Procellariids overwhelmingly breed on islands away from land predators such as mammals, and for the most part have lost the defensive adaptations needed to deal with them ( with the exception of the Whale Island ( Moutohora ) have shown that a population under heavy pressure from Norway rats will produce virtually no young during a breeding season, whereas if the rats are controlled ( through the use of poison ), breeding success is much higher.
  11. Domesticated plants often differ from their wild relatives in the way they spread to a more diverse environment and have a wider geographic range; they may also have a different ecological preference; flower and fruit simultaneously; may lack photoperiodic controls; lack normal pollinating organs; may have a different breeding system; may lack defensive adaptations such as hairs, spines and thorns, protective coverings and sturdiness; may have better palatability and chemical composition, rendering them more likely to be eaten by animals; may be more susceptible to diseases and pests; may develop seedless parthenocarpic fruits; may have undergone selection for double flowers, which may involve conversion of stamens into petals; may have become sexually sterile and therefore only reproduce vegetatively.

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