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  1. Arbitrarily, the attack demonstrated our collective naivete and individual defenselessness.
  2. The criminal has to use the defenselessness AND the unsuspiciousness.
  3. This puts me in a situation of complete defenselessness.
  4. Their defenselessness on Wednesday in a 118-106 loss at Phoenix was discouraging.
  5. That means more delay and extended defenselessness.
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  7. Lucien Freud exaggerates that state of defenselessness.
  8. Despite sloths'apparent defenselessness, predators do not pose special problems : sloths poachers.
  9. Only using the defenselessness is not enough.
  10. All deal with the human body's terrible vulnerability, its defenselessness against random invasions, violations.
  11. It symbolizes the community's defenselessness and vulnerability and represents the lack of cohesiveness of the people within.
  12. Romul Nuiu reproduces, redraws, analyzes and expresses a present or imaginary object, without points of defenselessness.
  13. Such continued defiance by Hussein draws increasing attention to America's own defenselessness before these modern yet simple weapons.
  14. Certainly there is something insistent, even aggressive, about the quality of defenselessness in Zenil's self-portraits.
  15. In fact, you're embarrassed by his utter physical and psychological defenselessness and nakedness as he cowers in a corner.
  16. For all the tough talk, the images on the television news Thursday night seemed to underscore the nation's defenselessness.
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