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  1. But it's his rebounding and defense the Lakers covet.
  2. Probably every vitamin in foods is part of some defense system.
  3. Five pieces of evidence were admitted on behalf of the defense.
  4. Instead, Sweeney raised the heat-of-passion defense.
  5. Defense Department bureaucrats decided that Earth Conservancy had little or none.
  6. It's difficult to find defense in a sentence.
  7. The defense-oriented Bulgarians haven't played inspiring soccer.
  8. Brazil was playing offense and Italy defense going into the final.
  9. The defense was popularly known as " brainwashing ."
  10. Run the football on offense, attack the football on defense.
  11. The Giants were looking for improvement on the defense Saturday night.
  12. The Giants'defense rarely gave up big plays last season.
  13. Babcock added that such guidelines are inimical to the defense bar.
  14. In Fuhrman's case, the defense wants access to:
  15. If that happens now, the penalty is on the defense.
  16. The defense couldn't stop the run or the pass.
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