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  1. Lewis is trying misdemeanors as a deputy public defender in Perris.
  2. He had established position in front of Gator defender Michael Gillmore.
  3. Seattle Seahawks defenders swear he weighs 250, if not 260.
  4. Two key defenders missed the entire off-season workout program.
  5. The next series for both challengers and defenders begins next Sunday.
  6. It's difficult to find defender in a sentence.
  7. Maybe he was one of the first defenders shot and killed.
  8. The top two boats will meet in the final defender series.
  9. Most were represented by public defenders in the child sex cases.
  10. Now, he is one victory from emerging as the defender.
  11. The deciding race in the defender finals was a classic case.
  12. They often double-teamed Barkley with Green's defender.
  13. Talk to me, Bob, you studly defender of good.
  14. The defenders of the status quo should be ashamed of themselves.
  15. Any by now, the former student is a public defender.
  16. Then the defenders of the First Amendment were asked to leave.
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