decaying in a sentence

"decaying" in Chinese  
  1. The national landscape is littered with decaying, empty housing projects.
  2. It resembled a dank, decaying aircraft hangar from another era.
  3. Even a small, decaying fleet will give Russia a presence.
  4. Clearly, the game is decaying, victim of its guardians.
  5. Give up on those decaying brain cells and get Music Central.
  6. It's difficult to find decaying in a sentence.
  7. The pavement is coated with the fine talc of decaying concrete.
  8. Performances at the grandly decaying Garcia Lorca Theater attract massive crowds.
  9. The Yankees didn't downsize; they trimmed decaying wood.
  10. Presumably they are not decaying from moisture or any other cause.
  11. Bacteria in the mud consume carbon and oxygen from decaying plants.
  12. Cruz's descriptions of the decaying Havana are beautifully written.
  13. The hotel is posh but the city around it is decaying.
  14. The book's title refers to a decaying housing project.
  15. There is also a sulky race run with biologically decaying horses.
  16. Amy attends a decaying inner-city high school and suffers.
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