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  1. Also, just the outside edge of the sill is decayed.
  2. Clean out any decayed wood, and treat remainder with bleach.
  3. These defects suggest that the wood under the siding has decayed.
  4. And some would add D for decayed and E for expensive.
  5. Her immune system, which had decayed, is nearly normal.
  6. It's difficult to find decayed in a sentence.
  7. Charred, decayed bodies lie on the pathways leading to it.
  8. With damping, a route's flapping is exponentially decayed.
  9. Furthermore, they tended to shrink as the print slowly decayed.
  10. Females prefer secluded nest sites in large, moderately decayed logs.
  11. Concentrations decayed approximately 90 % over a three-week period.
  12. On September 15, the cyclone decayed and left Lake Huron.
  13. The Teck sovereignty decayed appreciably, and Heiningen lost its claim.
  14. From the 18th century on it decayed, only ruins remain.
  15. The premises decayed and in 1810 Walbeck Abbey was finally abolished.
  16. After the independence the village decayed and was added to Valledupar.
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