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  1. To treat a decayed tooth, a dentist opens two small vials.
  2. Another said she drank until she fell asleep or put crack in the hole of her decayed tooth.
  3. Many of us are drawn to the squalor of those lives the way our tongue inevitably explores the cavity of a decayed tooth.
  4. The removal of the decayed tooth is performed if the tooth is too far destroyed from the decay process to effectively restore the tooth.
  5. Primary teeth help to properly align the emerging permanent teeth; a decayed tooth can change the spacing of teeth and may be lost prematurely.
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  7. Instead of suffering under a drill rotating at a head-jarring 400 rpm, patients may not even need anesthesia as a dentist removes decayed tooth with air abrasion.
  8. Dental exams revealed that 36 percent of the men and 29 percent of the women had at least one decayed tooth, and about a third of both groups had missing or broken teeth.
  9. "It's kind of like a decayed tooth, " said Dave Simon, the Southwest regional director for the National Parks and Conservation Association, a citizens'group that is working with Yellowstone to solve some of the long-term needs.
  10. Oral problems begin early : More than a third of low-income children have at least one untreated decayed tooth by the time they are 9 years old, compared with 17 percent of children living above the poverty line, the study showed.
  11. If decay in primary teeth is included, these experts report, 42 percent of kindergarteners have been affected by tooth decay, half of 7-year-olds have had at least one decayed tooth and children younger than 9 have an average of nearly four decayed or filled tooth surfaces.

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