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  1. There are signs of gum disease and abscesses related to decayed teeth.
  2. Peter Kertesz, a dentist from Britain, inserts fillings or removes badly decayed teeth.
  3. Sunday, he underwent a thorough physical and dental exam, losing four decayed teeth in the process.
  4. Elaine's dentist at a public health facility insisted she soak her badly decayed teeth in fluoride trays.
  5. In another study of 125 patients with decayed teeth, the erbium-YAG laser proved as safe and effective as drilling.
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  7. An autopsy stated that Short was tall, weighed, and had light blue eyes, brown hair, and badly decayed teeth.
  8. Dentists replace missing, damaged, and severely decayed teeth by 鹸ed or removable prostheses to restore or improve mastication function.
  9. In Sabah, 80 per cent of the same age group had on the average not less than five decayed teeth.
  10. The procedure of filling decayed teeth with gold foil was known to the physician attending to Harun al-Rashid ( d . 809 ).
  11. In 1977, he delivered 170 decayed teeth to the Federal Trade Commission to protest the sugar content of food advertised on children's television shows.
  12. In one clinical study of 500 decayed teeth reviewed by the FDA, there was no sign of damage to the tooth's nerve and blood supply.
  13. On May 26, 1885, Dr . Sheffield was granted patent No . 318, 581 for a dental bridge to hold multiple crowns together on broken or decayed teeth.
  14. In 1986, it was noted that, " in spite of a decline in recognition of the focal-infection theory, the association of decayed teeth with systemic disease is taken very seriously ".
  15. On a recent operating-room day for Afrow in Manchester, he counted nine decayed teeth in the mouth of a 5-year-old boy whose foster mother said he had been sleepless for weeks because of the pain.
  16. Seeram Ramakrishna has filed patent applications in the United States and Singapore to cover a dental process using a tough, lightweight brand of carbon and glass fibers to repair cracked or decayed teeth, he told The Associated Press.
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