decaydance in a sentence

  1. Reasons for their sudden welcoming to Decaydance obviously point to Panic!
  2. The band's Decaydance / Sire Records.
  3. Decaydance act The Cab began performing with " Citizens for Our Betterment " written on the group's instruments.
  4. It was released through Decaydance Records, Warner Bros . Records and Fueled by Ramen on November 15, 2011.
  5. In 2014, the label relaunched as DCD2 Records, keeping the acts that were still signed to Decaydance before the relaunch.
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  7. They were signed to Decaydance, a Fueled By Ramen imprint headed by Pete Wentz ( bassist of Fall Out Boy ).
  8. Then we get to Africa for Decaydance Fest and me, Clothes Off . " And I was like, " oh shit!
  9. It was re-released after the band signed to Decaydance Records, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz's independent record label.
  10. In 2007, members of The Cab sent Smith a demo and he helped sign them to Pete Wentz's record label, Decaydance.
  11. Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz signed The Ready Set to his label Decaydance Records, in 2009 . He is currently with Hopeless Records.
  12. Wentz, liking what he heard, sent The Hush Sound an email, stating that he was interested in signing them to his Decaydance Records label.
  13. ""'The Papercut Chronicles " "'is the second studio album by Gym Class Heroes released in 2005 by Fueled by Ramen / Decaydance.
  14. It was one of the scene's most beloved alumni, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, who wrote the band to his Fueled By Ramen imprint Decaydance.
  15. It was released through Decaydance and Universal Motown Records on March 9, 2010 . " Tonight We Feel Alive ( On a Saturday ) " impacted radio on May 11, 2010.
  16. While this mixing of campaigns was done without the knowledge of the members of Fall Out Boy, Wentz did post an acknowledgement on August 22, when CFOB again " hijacked " Decaydance Records website.
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