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  1. Davies also asked Lerman about the billing for the birthday party.
  2. Sheehan, Nancy Lopez and Laura Davies comprise the LPGA team.
  3. Davies'reflections on politics come from a certain academic distance.
  4. Dennis Russell Davies finds lyricism at the core of her musicianship.
  5. From that point, it was the Davies-Daniel show.
  6. It's difficult to find davy in a sentence.
  7. Written by John Davies and Bob Zmuda; produced by Davies.
  8. Written by John Davies and Bob Zmuda; produced by Davies.
  9. "It was like torture, " said Davies.
  10. Ray Davies has been writing adult-oriented rock for ages.
  11. Ask directors like JoAnne Akalaitis, Howard Davies or Mark Lamos.
  12. Davies, 47, can speak from experience about mass weddings.
  13. Okay, so the occasional Elvis or Davy Crockett came along.
  14. Davies created the character in his columns in The Peterborough Examiner.
  15. 10 best in rock 1 . Ray Davies At the Paradise.
  16. Davies lays out what to look for in buying a computer.
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