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  1. The European Union's 1995 Data Protection Directive guides privacy protection in Europe.
  2. The program uses the Blowfish encryption algorithm, which offers strong data protection.
  3. Reese said the transaction complements Iron Mountain's presence in data protection services.
  4. He was also a board member of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.
  5. Another option for data protection and high-availability is to use TimesTen replication.
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  7. The implementation of data protection strategies is imperative to guard confidential information.
  8. All digital surveillance systems must be registered with the Data Protection Office.
  9. We also have a Data Protection Act, which I will hide behind.
  10. It also represent the Philippine Government internationally on data protection related issues.
  11. He also expressed concerns about the level of data protection in Israel.
  12. We are nearly ready with the draft of the Data Protection Act.
  13. Germany has a federal commissioner for Data Protection, whose agency monitors the government.
  14. He is also the Board Chairman of the Data Protection Commission of Ghana.
  15. The change make these users subject to Irish and European data protection laws.
  16. It's yet another example of why we need national data protection legislation ."
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