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  1. The European Union Data Protection Directive is another model for comprehensive privacy protections.
  2. The European Union's 1995 Data Protection Directive guides privacy protection in Europe.
  3. The EU's Data Protection Directive regulates access to personal data including CCTV recordings.
  4. The 2005 overhaul of the Data Protection laws was prompted by the aforementioned Data Protection Directive.
  5. In 1995 the European Union ( EU ) introduced the Data Protection Directive for its member states.
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  7. Soon after being introduced, doubts emerged on the conformance of the shopping lens with the European Data Protection Directive.
  8. In the European Union, the Data Protection Directive provides a rigorous standard for privacy protection legislation across all member states.
  9. The OECD Guidelines, Council of Europe Convention, and European Union Data Protection Directive relied on FIPs as core principles.
  10. The European Union's data protection directive, the most sweeping recent attempt, gives individuals unprecedented control over information about themselves.
  11. Redistribution of these numbers using computers are however governed by the law of personal details, an implementation of the Data Protection Directive.
  12. The two sides have struggled since last summer to find a solution to the dispute over a data protection directive issued by the EU.
  13. Data privacy laws are converging in the EU, helped by the National data protection authorities and the Data Protection Directive adopted in 1995.
  14. The catalyst is the European Union's Data Protection Directive, a sweeping law passed three years ago that becomes effective Oct . 25.
  15. The EDPS takes part in the activities of the Working Party, which plays an important role in the uniform application of the Data Protection Directive.
  16. In 1995 the European Union adopted the European Data Protection Directive ( Directive 95 / 46 / EC ) to regulate the processing of personal data.
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