data protection commissioner in a sentence

  1. However that was taken down in August after being contacted by the Data Protection Commissioner.
  2. These requests have been the subject of an investigation by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.
  3. On 2 December 2015, Schrems has resubmitted his original complaint against Facebook with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.
  4. Schaar said European data protection commissioners had " huge concerns " about an earlier U . S . effort to conduct computerized screening of passengers.
  5. According to the data protection commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein, Thilo Weichert those where the largest protests for data protection in the past 20 years.
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  7. But Dutch Liberal Johanna Boogerd-Quaak, who drafted the resolution, noted that EU national data protection commissioners concluded in January that it was still inadequate.
  8. Digital Rights Ireland argues that the act has led to Garda?accessing retained data without having a specific crime to investigate, citing remarks by the Data Protection Commissioner.
  9. "You'd have to examine all the content on the Internet, " said Peter Schaar, deputy data protection commissioner in Hamburg and an Internet expert.
  10. With the powers imbued upon the Data Protection Commissioner, the GRA has made assurances that a system is in place to monitior the executory function of the Data Protection Act.
  11. A week previous to this, the Data Protection Commissioner found he had illegally revealed Garda information about a political opponent while debating the issue of cancelled penalty points live on national television.
  12. The position of Federal Data Protection Commissioner was created in 1993, with the entry in force ( on 1 July 1993 ) of the Federal Act on Data Protection of 19 June 1992.
  13. The Office of the "'Data Protection Commissioner "'( EU fundamental right of individuals to data privacy through the enforcement and monitoring of compliance with data protection legislation in Ireland.
  14. In the subsequent hearing in the Irish High Court on the 20th of October 2015, the matter was remitted for consideration by the Data Protection Commissioner who undertook to investigate with all due diligence.
  15. The Irish Data Protection Commissioner has taken the view that Schrems had raised  well-founded objections, but has taken the view that it needs further guidance from the CJEU to determine the complaint.
  16. Organisations which suffer a breach involving sensitive data ( medical data, financial information, sexual orientation etc . ) relating to one or more individuals are also obliged to report the breach to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.
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