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  1. The proposal has been criticized by The Swedish Data Protection Authority.
  2. Parish officials reported her to the data protection authorities, she said.
  3. He is a Member of the Belgian Data Protection Authority.
  4. He was also a board member of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.
  5. The move must be approved by Greece's independent Data Protection Authority.
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  7. It is the national data protection authority for Norway.
  8. The data release spurred considerable criticism, included an investigation by the Danish Data Protection Authority.
  9. "' National data protection authorities "'are authorities tasked with information privacy.
  10. The main platform for cooperation between data protection authorities in Europe is the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party.
  11. The Data Protection Authority stated that passengers travelling on an anonymous card may reasonably expect their anonymity to be respected.
  12. The "'Minister of Local Government and Modernisation "'( ) is a Data Protection Authority.
  13. He also sent similar complaint to the Hamburg and Belgian Data Protection Authorities, which both claim jurisdiction over Facebook.
  14. The Dutch Data Protection Authority ( apps are being used, without clearly informing their customers and asking their prior permission.
  15. Risk assessment and mitigation is required and a prior approval of the Data Protection Authorities ( DPA ) for high risks.
  16. The "'Swedish Data Protection Authority "'( ) is a the Government prepares new statutory provisions.
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