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  1. Classrooms are well equipped with access to internet, data projectors and computers.
  2. The criminals then broke into one classroom and destroyed a data projector.
  3. There are data projectors in many classes, as well as an interactive whiteboard.
  4. Two data projectors are installed on the first floor for teaching and learning.
  5. Many curriculum areas have access to interactive whiteboards and data projectors.
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  7. Lecture rooms are equipped with data projectors and modern seating.
  8. CFF funding was used to purchase 60 data projectors, 60 PolyVision interactive Macbook laptops.
  9. It comprises a headworn or neck-worn pendant that contains both a data projector and camera.
  10. When did the first data projector that was NOT for use with Overheads hit the market?
  11. Data projector, LCD, visualize, VCD and overhead are among the facilities available in the faculty's classrooms
  12. Classrooms have computers, data projectors and interactive whiteboards as well as mini IT laboratories within or between classrooms.
  13. All teaching rooms are equipped with data projectors and have interactive whiteboards, and sound systems connected to the schools intranet.
  14. Although they are not produced anymore, used panels can be purchased for a fraction of the price of a data projector.
  15. Each classroom contains an inter-active white board, a digital data projector and a computer on the teacher s desk for their dedicated use.
  16. Stereo photographers have always been keen experimenters, and many are now using two digital cameras and projecting stereo using data projectors and polarising lenses.
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