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  1. Data procession methods discussion of land surface movement observation station
  2. But in network enviroment , there are some problems in data procession . these are : 1
  3. ( 3 ) software design on moisture instrument , including programme of single - chip and computer , as well as data procession
  4. This paper elaborates on principles and calculation methods of experiment of prestress tube frictional resistance and also makes data procession of the experimental results by using least - square method
  5. In the past years , gis has been applied extensively in every walk of life for its strengthened functions for data procession , i . e . spatial data storing , querying , analyzing and managing
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  7. Actual seismic data procession shows the efficiency of this method to increase the signal - to - noise ratio of horizontal stacked profile , especially for inaverage signal - to - noise ratio in pre - stack trace assemblage data
  8. The signal accesses the microprocessor and undergoes internal a / d transformation , data procession and filtration , then directly drives the digital luminescence tubes to display the concentration of the detected methane and send out an acousto - optic alarm and show low potential detection
  9. The re technique is generally composed of 3 - d surface digitalization , data procession , surface reconstruction , cad 3 - d modeling and rapid manufacture , etc . the reverse engineering cad / cam system has broad industrial usage , and the research work has extremely theoretic and application importance
  10. Data procession and analyzing , the paper first use regression analysis model to analyze the relationship between economic benefit and land use structure , ecological benefit and land use structure . then , the paper based on the results , use mathematical of multi - objective programming to determine the land use structure in the hilly countryside of sichuan . lastly , the paper analyzed the laws of land use structure optimization in the different relevance of economic county

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