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  1. Ryan said that large companies have successfully contracted out data processing.
  2. Abbott Laboratories is second and Automatic Data Processing Inc . third.
  3. Computer Associates makes software for integrating large corporate data processing operations.
  4. Automatic Data Processing, Roseland, 298, $ 6.287
  5. Collectively they were called the Data Processing System ( DPS ).
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  7. Data processing begins with " indexing " the reflections.
  8. These engines house the hardware for all the data processing capabilities.
  9. The energy generated was used to power a data processing center.
  10. This offers an alternative to using threads for parallel data processing.
  11. In 1984, an associate degree in data processing was approved.
  12. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of Electronic Data Processing.
  13. One of the more controversial examples is Big-Data processing.
  14. The data processing comes from imaging array detectors such as CCDs.
  15. Federated Systems has handled data processing for Macy's since 1991.
  16. "We're consolidating support functions and data processing operations.
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