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  1. The number of observed targets have dropped to half after the loss of Data Processing Unit No . 1.
  2. Multiple computer systems ( CPUs / microprocessors / Data Processing Units ) are used in several of the scientific instruments, including several radiation-hardened RCA CDP1802 microprocessors.
  3. Doctoral Degree Program is supported by research laboratories  Movement Analysis Unit Balance and Postural Control Unit, EMG and Neuro-Physiology Unit, cardio vigil Unit and Data Processing Unit.
  4. Citizen-soldiers from the Army Reserve's 324th data processing unit spent more than nine months in Saudia Arabia tracking spare parts for the Army during the Persian Gulf war.
  5. The instrument is composed of the Telescope Module, containing the optics, detectors, processing equipment, and power supply; and the Digital Electronics Module, containing the instrument control unit and data processing units.
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  7. Currently, there are data centres in nine provinces-- Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pitsanulok, Chon Buri, Nakhon Pathom, Udon Thani, Nakhon Ratchasima, Surat Thani and Songkhla-- that are hooked up to the central register data processing unit in Bangkok, he said.
  8. In the early 1970s the school installed its first data processing unit, under the directorship of emeritus professor Edward  Ted Smith, FAIA, making it among the first schools in the country to begin experimenting with computer applications in architecture.
  9. The Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer was designed to use a similar spectrometer and data processing unit to BIRS . The Long Wavelength Array ( LWA ) was'inspired by Bill Erickson's historical legacy'and BIRS is considered a predecessor to LWA according to the University of New Mexico.
  10. By the end of June 1971, the DISCOM was a large command composed of HHC, Support Command, 15th Adjutant General Company / Band, 15th Medical Battalion, 15th Supply and Transport Battalion, 27th Maintenance Battalion, 8th Engineer Battalion, 315th Composite Support Battalion, 15th Finance Company ( the latter two units had been transferred from the 1st Armored Division ), and the 15th Data Processing Unit.

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