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  1. Dartez polled 3, 276 votes to Harrison s 4, 338.
  2. Tulane broke on top when tailback Jamaican Dartez went over from the 1-yard line.
  3. Behind the line are 6-1, 246-pound fullback Jerald Sowell and speedy tailback Jamaican Dartez.
  4. House Bill 201 by Dartez authorizes the use of shad-gill nets in Lake Verret and Lake Palourde.
  5. Dartez picked up 86 yards and two touchdowns on 13 carries before going down with an injury in the second half.
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  7. Jamaican Dartez added two 1-yard TD runs and a 45-yard TD catch as Tulane rolled up 706 total yards.
  8. Seven plays and 33 yards later, Dartez scored his second touchdown of the evening, which helped put Tulane ahead 15-0.
  9. Thankfully for the Mustangs, the Green Wave was without its leading rusher, Jamaican Dartez, who injured a knee after gaining 195 yards last week.
  10. The company's Roxy division sponsors surf camps, contests and professional female surfers to both market and develop its clothing, said Dana Dartez, Roxy's design director.
  11. DeVry's Clayton Jones had 19 of the Hoyas'44 turnovers by himself, while DeVry's Dartez Daniel scored a game-high 42 points on 20-for-30 shooting.
  12. In November 2007, Dartez came under fire from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for calling one of her volunteers, Hazel Boykin, " Napoleonville in Assumption Parish, in the general election held on November 17, 2007.
  13. Vincent, who's known for glamorous Valley girl ensembles, competed against nominees Dana Dartez of 26 Red Sugar, William Sung and Betty Kim of Bette Paige, Monah Li, and Shawn Janet and Craig Harwood for State of the Heart.
  14. Tailback Jamaican Dartez scored on a 2-yard run, and then running back Adam Moorhead took the snap directly from center and ran in the two-point conversion to put the Green Wave ahead 8-0 with 9 : 01 remaining in the first quarter.
  15. House Bill 1657 by Rep . Carla Dartez, D-Morgan City, would not automatically disqualify someone from running for office, but it would allow officials to seek legal action against the candidate who owes fines for late payments or failing to file campaign-finance reports on time.
  16. Tulane answered with a 70-yard touchdown drive capped by Jamaican Dartez's 8-yard run, and the Green Wave took an 8-7 lead after a successful two-point conversion from the " swinging-gate " formation with 10 : 57 remaining in the first half.

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