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  1. Dartevelle represents Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi's father.
  2. Dartevelle said he has not yet spoken to police about the alleged witness.
  3. He was, Dartevelle said, worried by the flights skimming just above the villa.
  4. Dartevelle repeated, pickup 6th graf pvs.
  5. Dartevelle has filed a civil complaint seeking damages against those ultimately found responsible for the death.
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  7. The Dartevelle's clients maintain that the photographers who gave chase bear the primary blame.
  8. Dartevelle, the lawyer, said Friday that he had several witnesses for this version of events.
  9. Dartevelle said he planned to file a civil complaint against those ultimately found responsible for the deaths.
  10. Lawyer Bernard Dartevelle, said he continues to blame the car crash on photographers chasing the princess.
  11. His lawyer, Bernard Dartevelle, argued that a car should always be considered a private space.
  12. Dartevelle told The Associated Press he is now trying to determine whether the current claimant is a fake.
  13. Dartevelle shrugged off any suggestion the Ritz Hotel, which Mohammed Al Fayed owns, might be held responsible.
  14. But Dartevelle also disputed that, saying the car's speedometer was not frozen at nearly 120 mph.
  15. Lawyer Bernard Dartevelle said he continues to blame the Aug . 31 car crash on photographers chasing the princess.
  16. Dartevelle repeated his contention that primary blame for the accident lies with a pack of photographers chasing the princess.
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