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  1. Phone calls to champion snail darters on bagels with cream cheese.
  2. Darter vocalizations include a clicking or rattling when flying or perching.
  3. The darters pair bond monogamously at least for a breeding season.
  4. He achieved the 9-Darter in the Scottish open 2011.
  5. One notable example is the Fountain Darter ( Etheostoma fonticola ).
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  7. The life span of the tangerine darter is about four years.
  8. The Bayou darter eats insects and their larvae, including mayflies.
  9. They then began to discuss Darter's murder with him.
  10. The lollipop darter eats larvae, insects, and small crayfish.
  11. Large darters are susceptible to internal parasitism by flukes and nematodes.
  12. The reproductive season of the gilt darter is in the spring.
  13. In Virginia, gilt darters were reported to spawn in May.
  14. Larger adults will eat small fish such as the johnny darter.
  15. Babbitt spoke of spotted owls, snail darters, salmon and loggers.
  16. He's a darter and makes the tacklers miss.
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