darted in a sentence

"darted" in Chinese  
  1. Uncertain where the robbers were, Silver darted into the jungle.
  2. Tyson's eyes darted momentarily to take in the spectacle.
  3. He darted through the line as though shot from a cannon.
  4. The flutist Mauricio Smith darted in and out of the syncopations.
  5. He commented occasionally on the game, but darted to tangents.
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  7. Kittles darted into the lane and received a pass from Cassell.
  8. Jeter darted to his right, reached and gloved the ball.
  9. We darted the other way, toward the cheese and grapes.
  10. "Not me, " her eyes darted back.
  11. Green was pale, his deep-set eyes darted nervously.
  12. Emery's leader sharply darted forward and then went slack.
  13. Their two cats, Simon and Teddy, darted for cover.
  14. Bryant darted to the locker room but returned three minutes later.
  15. His eyes darted, his head jerked from side to side.
  16. Clutching at each other, we darted back into the house.
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