darte un beso in a sentence

  1. On July 15, 2013, the lead single from Royce's next studio album was released, " Darte un Beso ".
  2. During early 2014 Michel Tel?worked with Prince Royce to create a Portuguese version of Royce's song " Darte un Beso ".
  3. He was then nominated for three awards at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, for Top Latin Artist, Top Latin Album for " Soy el Mismo ", and Top Latin Song for " Darte un Beso ".
  4. ""'Darte un Beso "'" ( sertanejo version was made as " "'Te Dar um Beijo "'" with Brazilian musician Michel Tel?featuring Prince Royce becoming a hit in its own right in Brazil.
  5. Prince Royce was also a multiple winner in categories such as Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year  Male, Latin Pop Songs Artist of the Year  Solo, Tropical Songs Artist of the Year and Streaming Song of the Year for his " Darte un Beso ".
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