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  1. This gave Australia the only medal in Dartchery in the 1976 Summer Paralympics Games
  2. Australia competed in all three Dartchery team events.
  3. Mayer and Harriman also competed in dartchery.
  4. The only dartchery event at the Games was the mixed pairs event which took a knockout format.
  5. The only dartchery event at the Games was the mixed pairs event which had a United States.
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  7. South Africans competed in archery, athletics, dartchery, lawn bowls, swimming, table tennis and wheelchair basketball.
  8. Bernabei and Trouverie, France's representatives in dartchery, finished third in the Mixed pairs open and took bronze.
  9. She also entered dartchery, with a teammate whose name is recorded as M . Cooper, in the Women's pairs open.
  10. From 1976 to she competed in the Summer Paralympics in many sports, including archery, athletics, dartchery, lawn bowls and swimming.
  11. In dartchery, Elli Korva became Finland's first female Paralympic medallist, when she won silver in the mixed pairs open, along with male teammate Arvo Kalenius.
  12. Despite being the host nation, Japan fielded only sixteen representatives ( fourteen men and two women ), competing in archery, athletics, dartchery, swimming, table tennis, and wheelchair fencing.
  13. There were fourteen events  archery, dartchery, javelin throw, precision javelin, club throw, shot putt, swimming, weightlifting, pentathlon, fencing, snooker, basketball and table tennis.
  14. The only dartchery event at the Games was the mixed pairs event which had a Roy Fowler and Kevin Bawden; Johansson and Hansson also lost in the first round to Belgian pair Schelfaut and Desal.
  15. Japanese competitors also won two silver medals in archery, a bronze in dartchery, a silver and a bronze in swimming, a silver and two bronze in table tennis, and a silver in wheelchair fencing.
  16. Thirteen sports were held during the Games-archery, athletics, dartchery, lawn bowls, FITA round bowls, powerlifting, shooting, slalom, snooker, swimming, table tennis, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair fencing.
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