damage in a sentence

"damage" meaning  "damage" in Chinese  
  1. But to the Petersens, they're not damaged goods.
  2. We didn't have to repair a lot of damage.
  3. The hurt in his damaged knees that he still hobbles on.
  4. Rebuilding damaged levees isn't always fiscally wise, either.
  5. They used firebombs in several instances, causing heavy property damage.
  6. It's difficult to find damage in a sentence.
  7. A repeat performance would be politically damaging, as aides acknowledge.
  8. Someone broke into a locked room and there was damage done.
  9. What is America willing to do to repair the damage done?
  10. The damage was modest but noticeable because of the stocks involved.
  11. The countersuit does not specify damages, Ms . Hairston said.
  12. The company sustained $ 30 million in damage and repair work.
  13. By contrast, a strike could cause more damage to baseball.
  14. Forget that some haven't returned to their damaged homes.
  15. Proceeds go toward the repair of fire-damaged Windsor Castle.
  16. The long-term damage to both may be even greater.
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