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  1. Meanwhile, Congress is drafting civil liability legislation that could limit damage awards.
  2. Any other limits on damage awards would be governed by state law.
  3. Some have proposed legislation to curb damage awards in Year 2000 lawsuits.
  4. :: I agree that damage awards can be held to be excessive.
  5. Both houses have also passed bills limiting damage awards in product-liability cases.
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  7. It is also possible the punitive damage award will be set aside.
  8. Samsung appealed the damages award, which the Court reduced by $ 450million.
  9. The defense would clearly claim a small damage award as a victory.
  10. A big damage award to Ms . Africa could break the city.
  11. It would be the largest damage award by the British High Court.
  12. Florida law forbids a punitive damages award that would bankrupt a business.
  13. A dlrs 5 billion civil damage award against the company remains on appeal.
  14. It is unlikely that the damages award can ever be paid.
  15. Damage awards exceeding that amount would be collectible in subsequent years.
  16. Historically, punitive damage awards in California rarely exceed $ 200, 000.
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