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  1. We do not know what the battle damage assessment, " will be.
  2. All bomb-damage assessment is being reviewed by the Pentagon and appropriate authorities,
  3. The gas shortage was slowing damage assessments by the American Red Cross.
  4. The Pentagon is still sifting through bomb damage assessment from Sunday's strike.
  5. Now that rivers are ebbing, the process of damage assessment has begun.
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  7. One year later the Pentagon completed its damage assessment of the incident.
  8. We are processing the battle damage assessment in order to know more.
  9. We have also been falsifying targets struck and bomb damage assessments ."
  10. However, the CIA was conducting a full damage assessment on the matter.
  11. He discussed the Pentagon's preliminary bomb damage assessment on condition of anonymity.
  12. The 14th flew combat damage assessment of Germany until 23 July 1945.
  13. Took part in the final bomb damage assessment following V E Day
  14. Neither dramatic damage assessments nor categorical reassurances, it said, were wholly substantiated.
  15. Preliminary damage assessments showed that at least 3, 500 homes were damaged.
  16. Specialists called in have yet to complete their damage assessment to Scorpion Ranch.
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