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  1. Also, unrepaired damage from World War II may have complicated damage analysis.
  2. The damage analysis came to the conclusion that the bombs were.
  3. Rick will be working with our venture capital financing arm and the financial consulting business, which does damage analysis for securities suits,
  4. At the time, the firm had more than 300 employees and focused on antitrust, deregulation, damage analysis, economic and financial modeling and intellectual property rights.
  5. Although external armor was added around the engine, hydraulics, and fuel systems based on damage analysis, this was still insufficient compared to dedicated close air support Su-25s.
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  7. Damage analysis indicated that it struck the water belly-down and tail first with an acceleration of 20 g ( 20 times that of the Earth's gravity ).
  8. In the framework of a review in November 1992, considerable damage to ceiling beams by brown rot was observed, which led in December 1992 to the first damage analysis, confirming this damage.
  9. But for a second day, Gerdes held firm in his potentially damaging analysis that the Los Angeles Police Department crime lab is contaminated, and that evidence handling by police technicians was sloppy.
  10. But in the Louisiana rail-car accident, the jury appears to have been motivated chiefly by urgings from plaintiffs'lawyers to " send a message " to the corporate defendants, rather than by a damage analysis.
  11. He did, however, add a description for F6, which he phrased as " inconceivable tornado ", to allow for wind speeds exceeding F5 and for possible future advancements in damage analysis which might show it.
  12. Working from a damage analysis inflicted on British cities it was calculated that with a bomber force of 4, 000 aircraft they could destroy the forty-three German towns with a population of more than 100, 000.
  13. Unit members are trained in the physics of collision analysis and reconstruction, occupant kinematics ( human factor analysis ), vehicle dynamics ( collision damage analysis ), scene photography, the use of various measuring instruments and computer-aided design software.
  14. Each point has two sets of attachment lugs, one made of composite material, another of aluminum, all connected by a titanium bolt; damage analysis showed that the bolts and aluminum lugs were intact, but not the composite lugs.
  15. Although the primary purpose of the VDR is for accident investigation after the fact, there can be other uses of recorded data for preventive maintenance, performance efficiency monitoring, heavy weather damage analysis, accident avoidance and training purposes to improve safety and reduce running costs.

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