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"daisy" meaning  "daisy" in Chinese  
  1. Daisy Prince, the director's daughter, plays Elise.
  2. -- Decorative trims ( daisies, lace, bows ).
  3. "Daisy " and " Always ."
  4. Daisy decided to take Amy and her younger brother to Europe.
  5. And two furry gray pet Asian pigs, Barney and Daisy.
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  7. Written by Harry Birckmayer, Daisy von Scherler Mayer and Seeger.
  8. Daisy " never knew cruelty in her life,"
  9. In 1994, Daisy married Cody as 175 guests looked on.
  10. His parents, Daisy and Julio Velez, had accompanied him.
  11. Roses were the most popular, followed by carnations and daisies.
  12. Ms . Skinner plays Daisy Hilton, one of the twins.
  13. Did Daisy untie it and take it off of your foot?
  14. Let him push up daisies on the banks of the Tigris.
  15. The " n " breaks off the daisy wheel.
  16. Daisy devoured these and nuzzled Max's hand for more.
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