daisy ashford in a sentence

  1. :: Ah, who could possibly forget the wonderful Daisy Ashford, Xn4?
  2. The New York Times reviewed the movie unfavorably, comparing it to a discarded Daisy Ashford effort.
  3. Daisy Ashford lived at Southdown House, 44 St Anne s Crescent from 1889 to 1896 where she wrote " The Young Visiters ".
  4. In 1968 he played the lead in " The Young Visiters " a musical version of the turn of the 20th century Daisy Ashford novel ( written when she was nine and published as submitted by her with the spelling errors ) at the Vaudeville Theatre in London.
  5. He also talks about making pearls, birds and feathers out of sugar to decorate your dessert course . " She compares it to a meal in Daisy Ashford's " The Young Visiters ", and comments that while such fiddly decoration may have looked good, she wasn't sure it did anything for the taste.
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  7. Yates then moved on to helm more high-profile projects such as the television adaptation of nine-year-old Daisy Ashford's novel " " Variety " magazine for BBC America, Yates and his team yielded " a warm and surprisingly unsentimental production that has'evergreen'written all over it " . " The Young Visiters " tells the story of Alfred ( Broadbent ) who seeks the help of an aristocrat ( Laurie ) in order to win the favour of an upper class lady.

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