daisy ad in a sentence

  1. AVN's " Daisy Ad " highlights the risk of nuclear weapons.
  2. She said the daisy ad is an anonymous attack commercial " in no way associated with our campaign ."
  3. The Gore campaign angrily challenged the secrecy of those who help pay for the daisy ad and the political ties of the firm that produced it.
  4. Moyers approved ( but had nothing to do with the production ) of the infamous " Daisy Ad " against Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential campaign.
  5. Karen Hughes, Bush's communications director, said the daisy ad is an anonymous attack commercial " in no way associated with our campaign ."
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  7. The daisy ad aired only once or twice as a paid TV spot, but the message was so raw and controversial that television networks picked it up and ran it many more times.
  8. Lyndon Johnson's famous " Daisy ad " implying Barry Goldwater would loose nuclear horror upon the little girls of this world was an unnecessary dagger stuck into a barely twitching electoral corpse in the 1964 Democratic landslide.
  9. In a clear sign that tactics may be turning nasty in the final phase of the campaign, the Bush campaign condemned a series of Democratic phone calls to Michigan voters, while Democrats denounced a Republican TV ad reminiscent of the famous 1964 " Daisy ad " suggesting Barry Goldwater would lead the country into nuclear war.
  10. The " daisy ad " to which he referred, was one by President Lyndon B . Johnson in his campaign against Barry Goldwater in which a little girl was shown picking the pedals off of a daisy before the screen was overwhelmed by a nuclear explosion and then a mushroom cloud and Johnson declared, " These are the stakes ."
  11. The spot criticizes Feingold for failing to vote for the Patriot Act . " In terms of hyperbole and the level of fear that's being evoked, the closest comparison is 1964, " said David Schwartz, co-curator of The Living Room Candidate ( livingroomcandidate . movingimage . us ), an online exhibition of presidential campaign advertisements dating back to 1952 and sponsored by the American Museum of the Moving Image in New York . " That was the year of the daisy ad, which had a very strong formulation that if you vote for the other guy, the world will come to an end ."

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