d shell in a sentence

  1. Now there's a $ 49.95 pay-per-view bout I'd shell out for.
  2. Were I to buy a Camry, I'd shell out the money for the optional power driver's seat with adjustable lumbar support.
  3. Strictly speaking, both lanthanum and lutetium have been labeled as group 3 elements, because they both have a single valence electron in the d shell.
  4. In general chemistry textbooks, a few exceptions are acknowledged with only one electron in the ns orbital in favor of completing a half or whole d shell.
  5. They do so on the basis that the group 3 elements do not form any ions having a partially occupied d shell and do not therefore exhibit any properties characteristic of transition metal chemistry.
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  7. It's $ 20 ( US ) but it looks quite realistic ( I still don't know if I'd shell out the bucks for a screensaver, though ) .-- Talk 02 : 07, Aug 24, 2004 ( UTC)
  8. For example, the total spin magnetic moment ( sometimes referred to as the " effective magnetic moment " when the orbital moment contribution to the total magnetic moment is neglected ) of a transition metal ion with a single d shell electron outside of closed shells ( e . g.
  9. When you've also mentioned Bobby Short, a self-described " saloon singer, " or maybe Julie Wilson ( " Our lady of the gardenia " ) you've about covered the waterfront on American vocalists of a certain age for whom you'd shell out significant bucks.
  10. Nevertheless, I persevere, this week trying out Compaq's newest high-end machine . ( LTE Elite 4 / 75CX-- Compaq Computer Corp ., $ 5, 999 . ) It's a strong contender, but still not one I'd shell out money for-- and certainly not at this price.

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