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  1. The screen technology is called D # ( " D Sharp " ).
  2. Both these sources include tunes in E minor, showing the d sharp key was available by this date.
  3. The ensuing interleaving of both voices leads to a sustained chord modulations from the key of D Sharp leading back to B Flat.
  4. The 4 / 4 melody is in D major on the original sheet music, with a D sharp diminished passing chord between the phrases.
  5. The first of the note changes begins in measure 44 on beat two, where there is an added D sharp as a double stop against a D natural.
  6. It's difficult to find d sharp in a sentence.
  7. The University Chime has an almost complete musical scale which ranges from lower D to upper G with the exception of lower D sharp and lower and upper F natural.
  8. The movement is a fugue on a striking atonal four-note theme, B-G-D sharp-C . The suspensions and inner parts recall the contrapuntal writing of Bach.
  9. Over and over in this quartet, the upper strings wave back and forth between C sharp and D sharp, this minimal melody ever contradicted by a dissenting, low pizzicato D natural in the cello.
  10. Those are the elegiac notes that resonate here, captured in Eva's young recognition of her Companions as " a streak of colour, . . . blue and silver, D sharp and middle C ."
  11. Let those beautiful sounds wash across your ears, then read Swain's description of them : " The quarter-note motive on the D sharp is syntactically anomalous because it is ambiguous and kept that way throughout the work ."
  12. Instead there are pairs of chords that recur over and over; four-note repeating melodies in pizzicato; breathy tone clusters; D sharp leading to C sharp again and again; and about every 15 minutes, an arch-shaped theme that keeps coming back like the eternal unanswered question.
  13. Francis Wood, himself a pipemaker, has written " From an instrument maker s perspective, the Reid chanters appear extraordinary objects, a fine example of ideal design, which mysteriously seems to have emerged fully formed without any apparent evolution with the exception of the rare examples of 6 key chanters lacking the D sharp key.
  14. In the United Kingdom, it was released be two music labels : D Sharp Music ( titled " For You " ) and Epic Records ( titled " Les premi鑢es ann閑s " ) . " For You " peaked at number 138 on the UK Albums Chart in February 1996 . " Les premi鑢es ann閑s " entered the UK chart in October 1996 but peaked at number 135 in September 1998.

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