d sharma in a sentence

  1. Rear Admiral P D Sharma was elected as President of International Life Saving Federation's Asia Pacific Region in 2012.
  2. A number of social movements, and activists were responsible for the passing of PESA . One of the tallest among these was Mr B D Sharma, an ex-bureaucrat and a social crusader for tribal rights.
  3. Many people have commented on the non-implementation of PESA . Shri B D sharma, former civil-servant and former Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, wrote in his letter to the President of India that the " ruling elite are not prepared to go by the spirit of PESA . It remains virtually unimplemented in all States . " The Planning Commission in a comprehensive study in 2008 commented that " the rudderless implementation of PESA, albeit partial and perfunctory, faces the first estoppel at the level of defining the  village that comprises the community, and  competence of Gram Sabha to manage the affairs of the community in terms of its customs and traditions ."
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