d shaped in a sentence

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  1. You could be the best ever if you'd shape up.
  2. The insect has a D shaped emergance hole where it chews out of the tree.
  3. Foam ribs placed every hold the D shape.
  4. Inside the capsule, are pyriform ( pear shaped0 or D shaped seeds, that are brown and wrinkled.
  5. They can be linked together to form both 2-D and 3-D shapes, and come in 20 different colors.
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  7. The D shaped portals and the more centrally located square portals may allow for additional methods of securing closure.
  8. A "'Least squares conformal map "'( LSCM ) is a 3-D shape created using the Least Squares Conformal Mapping Method.
  9. The 24-cell's vertex figure ( the 3-D shape formed when a 4-D corner is cut off ) is a cube.
  10. Games with a " top-down " perspective tend to use alphanumeric characters and simple 2-d shapes to represent characters and landscape elements.
  11. This D shape is not ideal for a pressure drum though, as pressure will tend to distort it into a more circular section.
  12. "' Mynydd y Castell Camp "'is a large hillfort enclosing in a D shape, on an isolated hill 500m east of Margam Abbey.
  13. The bonuses are the same as in event panels, excluding Exclamation Mark and Heart, with a new bounus thrown in, a D shaped like Kons paw.
  14. It passes through a well of 2.7 diameter and 60 m height, and a tunnel of 660 m length ( D shape 3 m height ).
  15. In 1980 the track had changed its distances to 280, 370, 485 and 660 metres and was described as an all sand, D shaped circuit running mainly handicaps.
  16. "They are like organic angel wings and are made from an incredible micro-textured material formed in a 3-D shape that sits high and elegantly on a woman's shoulders ."
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