d series in a sentence

  1. The Honda D series Logo to in the Civic Si.
  2. The D series continued to be successful in the 1960s.
  3. The first desktop in the D Series was the D400.
  4. The D Series shared its AD platform with the Dodge Ramcharger / Plymouth Trailduster twins.
  5. In 2007 he was invited to compete in the American Formula D series in his Corolla.
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  7. A redesign of the D Series for 1972 that lasted until 1980 introduced a more rounded look.
  8. Initially, Dodge W / D series trucks were provided in the late 1970s with several military modifications.
  9. The model was very popular and competed with the like of the also locally assembled Ford D series.
  10. In 1958 the D series of tractors was introduced, with the D 40 model garnering the most success.
  11. Throughout the 2008 season, Dai took podium twice and eventually finished 4th overall in the Formula D series.
  12. She is best known for her role as Zeynep Y1lmaz Sayer on Kanal D series G黱e _ i Beklerken.
  13. The new vehicle, known as Avia D Series, was launched at the Brno truck show in June 2000.
  14. Known as the D Series, it was the only 2, 000 yen note design ever to be printed.
  15. In August 2009, two new series of IdeaCentre desktops were announced : the Q Series and the D Series.
  16. These changes were first released in a revision C in 2009 which has subsequently been replaced by the D series.
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