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  1. Since 1996, he has been one of the first scientists involved in the application of 4-D seismic technology.
  2. Robert Tatham, geophysics professor at UT, likens 3-D seismic technology to CT scans of the human body used in medicine.
  3. Comstock also is acquiring interests in six properties that have been explored using 3-D seismic technology but haven't been drilled.
  4. He noted that new technology, led by 3-D seismic imaging, enables companies to find and drill for oil at lower costs.
  5. Two campaigns of 3-D seismic was carried out along with a number of appraisal wells into the Arkutun-Dagi and Chayvo fields.
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  7. New technologies like 3-D seismic surveys provide sufficient confirmation of oil reserves and can make flow tests unnecessary, the industry argued.
  8. Using 3-D seismic, the company drilled 11 wells in 1991 and found hydrocarbons, a telltale sign of fossil fuels, in all of them.
  9. The documentary also prominently features former California Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee, who after discovery of the Shoreline fault introduced legislation mandating 3-D seismic studies.
  10. In 2005, the company carried out a 1, 500-km2 3-D seismic program to further define the structural and stratigraphic prospects in the block.
  11. He said 3-D seismic is more useful in West Texas, and horizontal drilling has proven more economic in the South Texas oil fields.
  12. Input / Output grabbed 80 percent of the market for 3-D seismic equipment in the early 1990s with its I / O System Two.
  13. New analysis of vintage 2-D seismic data has revealed the presence of a large undrilled structural closure at Lower Triassic level situated about offshore Dublin.
  14. SEP has recently been involved in 3-D seismic applications such as velocity estimation, wavefield-continuation prestack migration, multidimensional image estimation, and 4-D ( time-lapse ) reservoir monitoring.
  15. Geostatistical inversion integrates high resolution well data with low resolution 3-D seismic, and provides a model with high vertical detail near and away from well control.
  16. Breakthroughs in 3-D seismic imaging, computer-controlled deepwater exploration and remotely-operated vessels have allowed oil companies to find the oil and gas-laden sands they could never find before.
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