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  1. New analysis of vintage 2-D seismic data has revealed the presence of a large undrilled structural closure at Lower Triassic level situated about offshore Dublin.
  2. The company is committed to drill five wells at the two blocks next year following a series of studies and reassessments of 2-D and 3-D seismic data.
  3. Ramform is a high-tech vessel specifically designed to gather and process offshore 3-D seismic data that provides energy companies with pictures of possible oil-and gas-bearing formations beneath the sea floor.
  4. Zilkha concentrated on buying up enough 3-D seismic data to cover almost the entire shelf, from the barrier islands of South Texas past Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to the Florida panhandle.
  5. However, in late 1998, a revaluation of the 3-D seismic data using the most advanced seismic-visualization techniques then available indicated that the hydrocarbon depth on the edge of the field could be significantly deeper than first thought.
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  7. James Wicklund, an analyst at Rauscher Pierce Refsnes analyst, said technology such as 3-D seismic data, which maps underground rock structures, has helped cut the costs of finding gas deposits, making the search for reserves potentially profitable even at lower prices.
  8. But the limestone geology of the Permian makes interpretation of 3-D seismic data far more difficult than in the sand shale along the Gulf Coast and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, said Clayton Williams, a one-time Texas gubernatorial candidate and head of Clayton Williams Energy.

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