d segment in a sentence

  1. With this segment open to traffic, 1 / 3 of the Parkersburg Corridor D segment was complete.
  2. The 3-D segments have been mastered for the first time from original 35mm left / right elements.
  3. For example, in joining a V segment to a D segment, the severe combined immune deficiency ( SCID ).
  4. With glasses, the 3-D segments turned murky red; without them, the special-effects moments appeared fuzzy.
  5. Concept D alludes to the " D segment " of the German market, comprising large cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
  6. It's difficult to find d segment in a sentence.
  7. NBC spent more money on the technology for the 3-D segments of last Sunday's special one-hour " Third Rock From the Sun ."
  8. The C635 DDCT gearbox is used for B ( supermini ), C ( compact car ), and D segment ( large family car ) cars, and can handle torque up to.
  9. The 1944 event, which ruptured the C & D segments was followed two years late by the 1946 NankaidM earthquake, rupturing segments A & B . In addition to these two events, there were two similar earthquakes in 1854.
  10. But even this one-hour, heavily hyped episode was a letdown ( the 3-D segments were boring and brought the show to a screeching halt ), proving yet again that 30-minute sitcoms should remain 30 minutes.
  11. Beginning in 2015, with episode # 131 " Dirty Little Potato People ", the Dungeons and Dragons segment was replaced with a Shadowrun game session, placed towards the end of the episodes and for a similar length as the D & D segment.
  12. It was clear producers of the sitcoms involved ( most notably " Spin City " and " Ellen " ) had no interest in creating 3-D segments and only did so ( half-heartedly and with no creativity ) because they were told they had to.
  13. Assuming my visual intuition is true, and you've gotten the lengths of the a and d segment by tape measure ( a large empty fishtank is what brought up this question in my mind ), what would the equation for the volume be, using only those two variables.
  14. The early models were built at the Volkswagen / Audi plant in Belgium, with improved build quality ( compared to the Spanish-built previous generation ), although the Toledo was still presented as an economic alternative to the lower level of the D segment, and included in the basic price a high level of equipment.
  15. Due Sept . 21, the DVD boxed set offers much more : wide-screen format, a bonus " Encyclopedia " disc, a 36-page booklet of production notes, photos and essays, and two pairs of 3-D glasses for watching the 3-D segment of " Freddy's Dead : The Final Nightmare ."
  16. But as it skips around between present and past, from color and 3-D segments of modern riverboats, restored trains, the annual Tom Sawyer Days celebration in Twain's hometown of Hannibal, Mo ., and his home in Hartford, to old black-and-white photographs of slaves, mining towns and train wrecks, the film loses its figurative focus.

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