d score in a sentence

"d score" in Chinese  
  1. I knew that if we kept going, we'd score a goal ."
  2. I'd score more points, but nobody remembers how many points you scored.
  3. In the five games, they'd scored a total of only 13 runs.
  4. "( But ) I thought for sure we'd score more runs ."
  5. I'd score 30 and leave knowing I could have scored a lot more.
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  7. There was no worsening in K D scores after physical fatigue.
  8. "I feel so happy, as if I'd scored the goal myself,"
  9. But I didn't think they'd score that many points against us.
  10. By 1970, he'd scored seven No . 1's and 35 Top 20 hits.
  11. Heading into the season, the Reds knew they'd score a lot of runs.
  12. "I was praying he'd score at least one touchdown in the Super Bowl.
  13. Immediately after receiving her score, she unsuccessfully appealed her D score of 6.0.
  14. "It was just a matter of time before he'd score ."
  15. "I'd score five goals if we could win a Stanley Cup,"
  16. Some people said it was inevitable that I'd score 100 ."
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