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  1. We'd scan all our records into computers and send all our correspondence via e-mail.
  2. On Sundays, he'd scan church pews and see old men and women with arthritis, with pain, and they were uncomplaining.
  3. To get the best fit for one of the new bodysuits, the swimmer has to undergo a 3-D scan of his or her entire body.
  4. While a major achievement, the linear 3-D scan system could only obtain data in the 3 mm zone of the central cornea due to its specularity.
  5. Ideally, you'd scan with a just-no-overexposed exposure and then straighten the bottom end of the DirkvdM 06 : 47, 12 October 2005 ( UTC)
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  7. A 2-D scan works by sending ultrasound waves into the womb; the machine " listens " for the waves that bounce back and create an image of the fetus on a monitor.
  8. Working with Dan Reinstein, Dr . Silverman developed software for processing 3-D scans of the cornea that allowed measurement and mapping of corneal thickness as well as the thickness of the stroma and epithelium.
  9. The U . S . Food and Drug Administration, along with several other medical professional organizations, have opposed the use of the 3-D scans for non-medical use, whether in a doctor's office or not.
  10. "Patients are asking for the 3-D scan and doctors are having to compete with these businesses, " said Khomyak, a registered diagnostic medical sonographer and registered vascular technologist . " It's a bonding experience for the mother.

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