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  1. I . Naplouse et Son District, ( Paris ) D S W
  2. The driving wheels were 39?", the same size as that of the D S class.
  3. In 1888, Loy Fatt resigned as Headmaster and Mr D S Ponniah succeeded him in 1890.
  4. In 2009 the cafe closed, and the D S moved to Brian de Geest's yard in Oamaru.
  5. Personal Papers, 105-D S . Cedar St.
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  7. The D S replaced a four-wheeled Drewry, works 2153, now owned by the Canterbury Steam Preservation Society.
  8. These four locomotives were similar to the D S class, but had cowcatchers in place of shunting steps.
  9. The new locomotives were given numbers D S 209-215, and were purchased for work in the South Island.
  10. "' D S 202 "'( TMS DS 42 ) was purchased in 1985 by Steam Incorporated of Paekakariki.
  11. The strange D mesons ( D s ) were called the " F mesons " prior to 1986.
  12. In 1954, NZR purchased another five'A-1'type locomotives, numbers D S 200-204, for wharf shunting in the South Island.
  13. There was a committee of four executive members namely Robert Varo, D S John, P M Stephen and William.
  14. His proposers were W Norrie Everitt, D S Jones, John Frank Allen, Robert Alexander Rankin and Anthony Elliot Ritchie.
  15. Thus, a ban on partial-birth abortion that only proscribed the D s statute, however, does not meet these criteria.
  16. From this period onwards, many of the locomotives were replaced with the arrival of the D S class 0-6-0DM diesel locomotives.
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