d ring in a sentence

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  1. The rules pertaining to the C and D rings remained the same.
  2. Many players have hit the C and D rings for home runs.
  3. The D Ring is exceedingly faint and closest to the planet.
  4. Some wild cards-- 11 . 8 percent-- say they'd ring 911.
  5. The building is divided into A Ring, B Ring, C Ring and D Ring.
  6. It's difficult to find d ring in a sentence.
  7. Present in the D ring is a finescale structure with waves 30 kilometres apart.
  8. We'd ring Barrymore and tell her we love her best as a full-tilt dork.
  9. Some wild cards-- 11.8 percent-- say they'd ring 911.
  10. "Instead of someone ringing my bell, I'd ring his.
  11. A few moments later you'd hear the door open on the other side and they'd ring back.
  12. The lysozyme then distorts the fourth sugar in hexasaccharide ( the D ring ) into a half-chair conformation.
  13. I wish they'd ring the bell
  14. They said they'd ring back .'is also unexceptional IMHO . Filiocht 14 : 59, 14 Sep 2004 ( UTC)
  15. Saturn, however, has the second radiation belt discovered by Cassini in 2004 and located just inside the innermost D Ring.
  16. The carbon chain on the D ring of cholesterol is degraded by functionalizations with carboxyl groups and sequential decarboxylation reactions.
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