d programming language in a sentence

  1. Here's an example of compile time function evaluation in the D programming language:
  2. Alexandrescu released a book titled " The D Programming Language " in May 2010.
  3. More recently, he has been assisting Walter Bright in the development of the D programming language.
  4. The D programming language provides bit arrays in its standard library, Phobos, in std . bitmanip.
  5. The D programming language supports memory mapped files in its standard library ( std . mmfile module ).
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  7. The D programming language also offers fully generic-capable templates based on the C + + precedent but with a simplified syntax.
  8. He has also stated his use of the D programming language proved problematic when porting " Tumiki Fighters " to the Wii.
  9. MiniD began in June 2006 as an idea for a statically-typed language, much like a stripped-down version of the D programming language.
  10. In the D programming language, the tilde is used as an array concatenation operator, as well as to indicate an object destructor and bitwise not operator.
  11. "' Vibe . d "'is an open-source software web framework and asynchronous I / O toolkit written in D programming language.
  12. The release of Andrei Alexandrescu's book " The D Programming Language " on June 12, 2010 marked the stabilization of D2, which today is commonly referred to as just " D ".
  13. The D programming language do not do that since it maintains some compatibility with C, and " Allowing C expressions but with subtly different semantics ( albeit arguably in the right direction ) would add more confusion than convenience ".
  14. In C and C + +, it is a type qualifier, like D programming language, which is based on C + +, there is a separate keyword shared for the threading usage, but no volatile keyword exists.
  15. Testers write tracing programs ( also referred to as scripts ) using the D programming language ( not to be confused with awk programs in structure; they consist of a list of one or more " probes " ( instrumentation points ), and each probe is associated with an action.

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